Save time by eliminating the extra effort required to extract all of the contents of a tube.  Save money by refilling travel sized containers from larger containers with less expensive contents.  For example, toothpaste sold in travel sized tubes is more than twice as expensive as when it's sold in larger tubes.

Many Uses


Tube dispensing improved

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Squizmo was designed using state of the art techniques.  In order to fine tune its form and function, multiple revisions were made using Computer Aided Design software and prototyped using 3D printing.  Further analysis was performed using Finite Element Analysis software to highlight areas needing reinforcement.  The end result is a product built to last as long as products are sold in tubes.

The original goal for Squizmo was to be able to refill travel sized toothpaste tubes.  Its uses extend far beyond that though.  Use it on sealed, regular sized toothpaste tubes to ensure complete emptying. Or use it on any other tubed product, such as expensive prescription ointments and hand lotion.  The cumbersome, rigid containers used for travel sized toiletries can be replaced with a refillable tube and Squizmo to vastly improve your showering experience while on the road.

Expertly Engineered

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Squizmo is a handheld tube sealing and squeezing device originally created to answer the age old “getting the toothpaste back into the tube” question.  It accomplishes this by allowing any tube to be refilled from the bottom.  The tube is then inserted into the Squizmo, and a hand cranking pin coated with a flexible, gripping material is turned.  It pulls the tube through the Squizmo, creating an airtight seal and pushing the remaining contents towards the top of the tube.